First Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment

Hardcover bound, with 320 glossy pages, Every Man Did His Duty is a lasting legacy to these veterans and offers readers the opportunity to get to know some of the men who served during one of America's most pivotal eras.

Pictures and Stories of the Men of the First Minnesota

About 1,225 men served in the First Minnesota Regiment of Minnesota Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War. Today, pictures of less than 300 of these men are known to exist. In his new book, Every Man Did His Duty author Wayne D. Jorgenson matches more than 100 of these photos with indviduals' stories, recounting the lives of these men and the sacrifices they made while serving in the Civil War.

The First Minnesota was the first regiment volunteered to President Lincoln after Fort Sumter's fall during the Civil War. What was sparked by a sense of duty and began as an adventure for these men soon turned into a three-year long commitment as they saw bloodshed and sacrifices made during the war, at battles as infamous as Bull Run, Antietam and Gettysburg.

Every Man Did His Duty grew from the author's appreciation of history, and specifically the First Minnesota's role in the Civil War. To get the stories behind the photos, Jorgenson spent 20 years gleaning information from state historicial records, interviewing and corresponding with descendents of the soldiers, and visiting the National Archives in Washington, D.C., all to learn more about what happened to these individuals during and after the war. Through their stories - some humorous, some sorrowful - readers will sense the mix of emotions these men experienced. In addition to the soldiers' stories, the book includes a history of the regiment and key battles, information about each of the companies within the regiment and more than 600 color and black and white photographs.